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                IRB5510 Sprayed Robot Protective Clothing

                Order Number: TA5510P04 Product Name: IRB5510 robot protective clothing Features: Dust-proof,anti-static,oil-proof Robot working environment: Spraying,painting Application: ABB industry robot Size: IRB5510

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                Spraying robot protective clothing


                Spraying robots, instead of manpower can improve the quality of spray and material usage, but the various types of spray coating materials in the long-term operation of robot will also damage the robot arm. In particular for the paint pump, the robot body is inevitably in the paint spray explosive environment during the work.The installation of spray robot protective clothing is very important, it can isolate the robot static, dust, flammable etc.


                The main features of spray robot protective clothing


                1. Anti-static, flame retardant: to avoid the production of a large number of static electricity, eliminating the accumulation of static and may cause burning, explosion and other security incidents.


                2. Dust-proof, oil-resistant: Avoid paint dust collection dripping on the body to improve the efficiency of spray robot


                3. Good flexibility: spray the robot flexible parts and telescopic parts, specially designed by the professional, to avoid spraying the robot when the multi-angle rotation tearing spray robot protective clothing


                4. Removable, easy to install the design, you can always remove the down maintenance, especially for regular debugging, maintenance of the robot, a significant savings in labor costs



                Advantages of spray robot protective clothing


                Spraying robot protective clothing adopts high-performance textile materials with good scalability.It has function of anti-static, dustproof, flame retardant, anti-pilling, fluff and other characteristics, suitable for all kinds of spray robots use in workshop in industry such as aircraft, automobiles, refrigerators, washing machines and other transportation and home appliances equipment shell production Enterprises.

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