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                IRB6700 dustproof and wear resistance protective clothing

                Order Number:?TA6700D05Product Name:?ABB?IRB6700?dustproof and wear resistance protective clothing Features:? Dustproof, oilproof?and wear?resistance Protection type:?Picking up, palletizing, sandblasting, shot peening, handling, assembly Application:?ABB?industry robot Size:?Customized for ABB IRB6700

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                IRB6700 dustproof and wear resistance protective clothing

                Order Number: TA6700D05

                Product Name: ABB IRB6700 dustproof and wear resistance protective clothing

                Features:  Dustproof, oilproof and wear resistance

                Protection type: Picking up, palletizing, sandblasting, shot peening, handling, assembly

                Application: ABB industry robot
                Size: Customized for ABB IRB6700

                tman robot

                tman robot

                1. Wear conditions


                Dust-resistant & wear-resistant protective clothing can effectively prevent the dust which produced by robot in the work environment, water vapor into the robot internal, affecting the normal operation of the robot. Has a certain dust, flame retardant, waterproof steam effect.


                2. Protection type


                Picking up, palletizing, sandblasting, shot peening, handling, assembly


                3. Material


                The material we mainly used is with high wear resistance, with a certain dust and wear-resistant function, but also has good flame resistance and waterproof performance, protective clothing can be used repeatedly, easy to care. There are a variety of materials available for customers to choose.

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                Tman Protects your robots with the best quality covers from all kinds of extreme operate conditions.

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