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                Yaskawa Teach Pendant Armor

                Yaskawa Teach Pendant ArmorYaskawa robot teach pendant armor r can be used in any type of Yaskawa robot teaching pendant, with anti-fouling, drop resistance, wearproof, oil proof and other functions,

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                Yaskawa Teach Pendant Armor

                tman robot

                tman robot

                tman robot

                tman robot

                Yaskawa robot teach pendant armor r can be used in any type of Yaskawa robot teaching pendant, with anti-fouling, drop resistance, wearproof, oil proof and other functions, easy to wear off, without prejudice to the normal use of pendant.


                Product Features:


                1.Easy assembly, Easy to install, convenient maintenance

                2. Can be used repeatedly, product appearance is pretty and neat

                3. Touch easy, does not affect the robot's movement

                4. Flexible, do not affect the movement of the robot

                5. Anti-fouling, drop resistance, wear-proof, oil proof

                6. Easy to clean

                7. We used a special bonding process in the internal of clothing, so that the fabric gap will not enter the liquid

                YASKAWA Robot Teach Pendant Armor can be used in any type of ABB industrial robot teaching pendant. It has functions such as drop resistance, wear resistance and oil resistance. It is convenient to wear off and does not hinder the normal use of the teaching pendant.


                Dlivery guarantee and later maintenance:


                In product selection of materials, our company choosed first-class and new technology to ensure the machine safe and reliable. We have special quality inspection and after-sales people, can solve the customer problems timely and effectively.


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                Tman Protects your robots with the best quality covers from all kinds of extreme operate conditions.

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