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                Motoman PX2850 Spray Robot Protective Cover

                Spraying robot can replace human operation, which can improve the spraying quality and the utilization rate of materials. However, due to long-term operation, various chemical components in spraying materials will also damage the robot's arms.In particular, in the process of painting pump and painting robot, the robot itself is inevitably in the paint spray explosive environment, so it is extremely important to install the painting robot protective clothing to isolate static electricity, dust and inflammable substances.

                • Model:

                I. Main features of spraying robot protective cover


                1. Antistatic and flame retardant: avoid large amount of static electricity during production, and eliminate the possible combustion, explosion and other safety accidents caused by static electricity accumulation.

                2. Dustproof and oil-resistant: Avoid the accumulation of paint dust and drips on the car to improve the working efficiency of spraying robot.

                3. Good scalability: The flexible moving parts and stretching parts of the spraying robot are specially designed to avoid tearing the spraying robot's protective cover when the spraying robot rotates in multiple angles.

                4. The design of detachable and convenient installation can be disassembled at any time for maintenance, especially for robots that often need regular debugging and maintenance, which greatly saves the labor cost.


                Ii. Fabric features of spraying robot protective cover


                Spray robot protective cover is made of high performance textile materials with good scalability, and has anti-static, dustproof, flame retardant, anti-pilling, fluffing and other characteristics. It is suitable for various spray robots used in paint workshops of transportation enterprises such as aircraft, automobile, refrigerator, washing machine and housing of home appliance equipment.

                Silver, deep empty gray, gold, or rose gold anodized metal case

                Ion-X glass material

                A Retina display with Force Touch function

                Back of composite material

                Digital Crown

                Heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope

                Ambient light sensor

                Loudspeaker and microphone

                Wireless network (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz)

                Bluetooth 4

                Battery time of up to 18 hours. *

                Waterproof * *

                WatchOS 2

                • Apple Watch

                • Magnetic charging cable (2 meters)

                • USB power adapter (5W)

                • The strap (the movement type strap can be assembled into the length of S/M or M/L)

                • quick start guide