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                Qualification Certificate

                It has passed ISO13485, GMP quality management system and CE certification. The field of various functional health materials has been cultivated for many years, And the safety protective equipment industry has mature technology, rich experience, strong strength, wide range of customers And other factors.

                With excellent design, production and quality control capabilities, Our company has passed ISO13485 and GMP quality management system and CE certification. All kinds of deep functional health materials field for many years, Safety protection products industry technology mature and experienced strong range elements such as customers, in view of the industry development needs was founded in 2017, A professional service to all kinds of big small and medium-sized enterprise health materials production supplier and focus on product research and development production and sales of the products Specializing in the production processing enterprises.

                From the beginning to now, after 15 years of double inspection of market and customer satisfaction, it has made great progress and won many customers' high praise and industry honors, Such as "provincial enterprise certification" "quality service award", "top ten famous enterprises", "excellent supplier of dustless clothing", The company has established long-term cooperative relations with many large enterprises. AUSU asustek, Panasonic, EPSON EPSON, DARFON dafang electronics, FOXCONN FOXCONN technology group, Masson group, HP HP, Lenovo, etc. The company has achieved a good reputation in The industry, Get The word of mouth among customers, The company is in The way of continuous progress, Looking forward to your arrival, let us create a better performance!










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                Tman Protects your robots with the best quality covers from all kinds of extreme operate conditions.

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