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                Company profile

                We manufacture variety kinds of protective clothing protecting robots and complete automatic cells from extreme working condidtions.

                Truman (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of industrial robot technology. The company also provides design and manufacture for non-standard automation equipment, radio frequency identification systems, flexible manufacturing systems and other complete sets of services as well as industrial robot system protection products.

                The company adhering to the cultural concept of "professional is the foundation, service is the guarantee, quality is the credibility", can provide for a variety of comprehensive solutions for the automotive manufacturing, food processing, automatic welding, casting forging, cleaning, filtration and other fields of partners, help to reduce customer costs, creating maximum value for customers.

                The Robot Protective Cover Business Group of Truman company consists of five major parts: sales department, design department, technical department, sample department, quality inspection department and material analysis department. With a high level of professional team and efficient management concept, we are always ready to provide customers with professional, caring and thoughtful products and services. We can customized protection solutions according to different robot types, production conditions, working environment, protection requirements and other related elements.

                Protective products mainly include anti-static robot protective cover, spray painting robot protective cover, cleaning robot protective cover, high temperature resistant robot protective cover, flame-retardant robot protective cover, wear-resistant robot protective cover, shot blasting robot protective cover, thermostatic robot protective cover, etc. The products are mainly used for spraying, cleaning, casting, forging, grinding, handling and other working conditions. They can p
                rovide maximum protection of the robot in extremely harsh working conditions.

                Awesome Image

                chooses to upgrade the stable performance and production capacity of the mask to the machine, Steadily speeds up the collection and transmission speed of the mask body, little the production capacity and efficiency of the mask to the machine, And helps the enterprise to create greater profits.


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