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                Instructions for Use

                Product Name: ADJUSTABLE EARLOOPS Protective Mask


                FFP2 defined in EN 149:2001+A1:2009


                Compliant to EN Standards: EN 149:2001+A1:2009


                Indications For Use:

                The protective mask is intended used for protection against solid and oily particulates, liquid and microorganisms such as coal dust, cement dust, acid fog, paint fog, oil smoke, oil mist, asphalt smoke, coke oven smoke etc. Single-use.



                l  Not suitable for working places where open flames exist (such aswelding,casting,etc,);

                l  It is not suitable for professional protective use such as oxygen deficient, toxic gas environment.

                l  No medicaluse.


                Checks prior to use

                Please check whether the packaging is damaged, whether the mask body is damaged, deformed or has other obvious defects before use.



                1. Keep the Nose bridge upward and use your hands extending thestraps.

                2. Place the respirator on your face to cover the nose, mouth andchin.

                3. Place each strap behind each ear, and use the adjustable buckle to loose/tighten the straps.

                4. Adjust the Nose bridge so to fit the respirator onto your face.





                Use cautions:

                a)Please check fit of mask prior to use;

                b)It is unlikely that the requirements for leakage will be achieved if facial hair passes under the face seal;

                c)Please do not use the mask under low air quality condition, such as serious contaminants in air, oxygen deficiency;

                d)Do not use the mask in explosive atmosphere;

                e)After use, please discard the mask following local regulation; f)The mask is only for single use, do not use repeatedly.


                Storage Condition:    

                The product should be stored in a well ventilated, dark and dry environment. Keep away from fire, pollutantsandpossiblepollutionsources.Also,thetransportstorage‘stemperature:-20℃~38℃, relative humidity:<80%RH.



                The Protective Mask is valid for 2 years with the above storage condition.


                Contact info



                 Tel: 400-833-7238         Email: wfluo@winalite.com

                Symbol on the label:


                Appendix D Instructions for use’ is not the commercial version for consumers.

                All the information in the instruction will be at least in the official language(s) of the destination country when the product be put into the market

                ICP备案证书?号?: 粤ICP备19004517号-1