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For 2012, the OTHS music department showcased “The Wizard of Oz” for the school musical. With a cast of over 75 people (including a dog and some baby chicks), the play highlighted the outstanding talents of OTHS students.

There were many notable roles in the performance.

Junior Meadow Nguy starred as Dorthy. Singing, dancing and sporting the adorable dog named Riley Michael, who played Toto, kept her constantly moving across the stage. Throughout the performance she made multitasking look like a breeze.

Glinda and the Wicked Witch duo also sparked contrasting emotions. Seniors Danielle Long and Morgan Cooper, while contrasting, also complimented each other perfectly. Long played the sweet and elegant role to the dot. Cooper was just as talented in the opposing role, portraying the mischievous and confident Wicked Witch of the West.

Junior George Rushing II, who played Lion,sophomore Alex Shelton, who played Tinman, and senior Tyler Haar, who played Scarecrow,  teamed up and captured the friendship between the group and Dorthy flawlessly.

The munchkins, trees, crows, hunchman, flying monkeys and villagers from the Emerald City all performed accordingly, adding to the whimsical scenes and making the World of Oz come to life.
It truly felt as if all the performers were a part of Oz instead of merely portraying them.

Many effects were used during the performance. Colorful lights, quick scene changes, imaginative costume designs and a floating head used for the wizard made the performance magical.

A highlight of the play was when the cast took a modern twist on the traditional dark forest scene by performing a dance number. The dancers all sported neon-colored tights, shirts and gloves, and their identity remained unknown. It allowed for the viewers to watch the talent of the choreography while leaving mystery of the dancers.

For three enchanted nights, the OTHS cast turned Milburn’s auditorium into the wonderful vision of Oz.

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