Top 11 Reasons to take a Journalism Course

11. Research shows that students who take Journalism or are on a publication staff in high school generally score higher on the SAT and/or ACT.

10. Research also shows that those same students, on the average, do better in ALL areas in college. These students also show a significantly lower tendency to drop out.

9. College admissions people say they like to see students who have a journalism/publication background because it’s a strong indication that they can write. They say the biggest problem with incoming freshmen is a lack of writing skills, which can keep students from being admitted or doing well.

8. OTHS has a strong journalism program. The publications, as well as the students, consistently win state and national writing and designing awards and receive state and national recognition.

7. Most students who are involved in journalism show significant gains in writing skills and critical thinking.

6. Journalism training makes term papers and research reports much easier to do.

5. Journalism students learn marketable skills in word processing, computer literacy, and desktop publishing.

4. OTHS journalism students have opportunities to take student trips to workshops and conferences where they meet journalism students from other schools and compare their work.

3. Learning occurs in a fun, exciting, and innovative environment; it’s unlike any other class you’ve ever had. Ask the people who are in journalism now. While the work is hard, it doesn’t seem like it because journalism is fun and self-fulfilling.

2. See your name in print. The excitement of seeing your byline on a newspaper article, yearbook spread, or photo and having people congratulate you is indescribable.

1. BEST OF ALL, when a student takes a journalism course, he/she is involved in a learning process that affects the entire school. Whether it be producing the school newspaper or yearbook, taking pictures for those publications, or learning to write better and develop marketable skills, journalism makes a student feel good about him or herself.


Interested in joining the Prowler staff? Here’s what you need to know!

There are two journalism classes offered at OTHS: Intro to News Writing and Advanced Newswriting.

Intro to News Writing is open to any sophomore, junior, or senior who has successfully completed Written Comm or Honors Written Comm. It is a one-semester class designed to teach you about the field of journalism and the style of journalistic story writing. The class is an English elective credit.

Advanced News Writing is open to any sophomore, junior, or senior who has successfully completed the Intro level class and wishes to write for the Prowler as an official staff member. In addition to writing, you will design and layout the pages of the print edition. You can also take photos or work on as well, if interested in those areas. This class is also set up a semester class, but can repeated for credit so you can take it for multiple semesters (similar to taking choir or band every semester).

Please ask your guidance counselor about these classes and sign up! We would love to have you! If you have questions, come by Room 608 (Smiley) and talk to Mr. Townsend or any Prowler staff member.

If you are interested in photography, please talk to Mr. Townsend at the Smiley Campus. We are always in need of another good, responsible, dedicated photographer who wants to attend a variety of OTHS events (sports, performances, club events, etc). There is no class for photography, but Mr. Brooks does hold Camera Club meetings every Monday afternoon where you can learn a lot about using a camera and taking great photos!



Interested in joining the yearbook staff?  We begin training at the beginning of each school year.  Please look for/listen to the daily bulletin to find out about the first meeting of each year.  Transfer students with prior yearbook experience, that enter into school after the beginning of the year; please contact Miss K in the Smiley IMC to find out about the next meeting.
Experienced photographers are welcome year-round.  Please contact Miss K if interested.


We have two broadcast classes at OTHS: Interactive Media and Digital Media.

Interactive Media is a one semester course open to responsible sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This is an introductory level class.

Digital Media is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have successfully completed Interactive Media. Digital Media students produce the daily Panther Beat, Monthly Show, and feature stories.

Contact Mrs. Strubhart, OTHS Broadcast Coordinator, with questions.

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