Girls Tennis aims for, reaches goal

Leaving the season with a feeling of accomplishment and only hoping for the best, girls’ tennis did not back down.

The team entered the season with everyone stepping up their game.

We are getting to be great competitors playing tougher competition than we are used to,” Coach Kathleen Lieberman said.

They shot for fourth place in the conference this year and that’s what they got.

Unfortunately, no singles or doibles players made the cut for State.

We are pleased with this finish. Our goal next year is to break into the top three.” said Coach Lieberman.

Unfortunately, the team has faced some problems this year, most of which concerning player injuries.

In tennis, that is huge because when you pull out an injured player, you have to move everyone else up to a position higher than they are used to playing. We got beaten up a lot in some of those spots, but it will definitely make us stronger competitors in the end,” Coach Lieberman said.

Sadly, the team has not won as many matches as they wanted, but they are getting better.

They are getting to be better competitors and are playing tougher matches. Forcing the girls to step up to a higher level should definitely pay off in the future.

The team is ready to play any competition as well as dominate in next year’s competition since they are used to this level now.

Aside from courtside competition, the team is happy to just be playing tennis at all.

Tennis is a sport that teaches. I’ve learned many important life lessons in my past four years on the team. Through this sport I’ve learned importance of integrity, patience, working with others, physical endurance, and most importantly for me, mental strength. It’s truly a great game for life. I’d encourage anyone to pick up a racquet and give it a shot,” senior Audrey Crain said.

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