Bowling Her Way To College

Bowling Her Way To College

By: Lindsay Kasza

On Thursday, November 21 Jordan Kasza, senior at O’Fallon Township High School signed her

admittance letter to Arkansas State University for bowling. Jordan has been bowling for thirteen

years. She is finally glad to see that all the hard work she has achieved put forth has finally paid off.

Throughout Jordan’s high school bowling career, she has lead the team to many great victories.

Jordan stated, “Since moving into Illinois, I already knew that I wanted to be on the bowling team.”

Jordan has placed tenth as well as twelfth in the state the past two years. Jordan has been nominated

for Athlete of the Week numerous times, and has been honored for it twice. Coach Garrett Spencer has

seen the hard work that Jordan puts into the sport and wanted to recognize her for it.

Coach Spencer said, “I expect an outstanding season. This is her last year, so of course we want her to

go far in the conference.” Since this is her last year, Jordan wants to make this her best, so she has set

many goals to achieve before the year is over. “I want to average 200 or more this year, win conference

for the fourth year in a row, and go to state and medal, individually as well as a team.” Jordan said.

Now, it goes to show that the challenge for her will be the transition from high school bowling to college

bowling. The change from different levels of bowling can be very challenging. She sees herself struggling

the first few times. Jordan says, “The level of competition will change dramatically and the fact that I’ll

be bowling on harder shots will be huge for my game.”

Kathy Duprey, Jordan’s mom, has been amazed that she has been accepted into a college so quickly, and

for all the hard work she has put into the sport. “I am very proud of her, she has put a lot of time into

practicing, competing and just into the sport in general. So to have it pay off in such a way is amazing.”

Kathy says.

Seeing herself throwing that last ball down the lane, taking that first step towards college, is what she

looks forward to.

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